How to Write a Great E-book

Surprisingly, the e-book is one of the easiest products to launch in the online marketplace today. As opposed to having your book reviewed by a panel of critics and then searching for someone willing to publish your creation, just publish it yourself on the Internet! Of course, if you aren’t already an accomplished writer, you may want to employ someone to edit or co-write your work.

The topic of your new e-book should reflect a subject you have an expansive knowledge about already; if not, be prepared to do research and try to publish short articles on the topic throughout various magazines, online newspapers, and more. It is generally a good method to distribute them across multiple platforms to promote the book you plan on writing. This can also provide a good indication of how interested people might be in reading the full work.

It is then a simple matter of writing more articles for the e-book itself, all the while improving or changing the structure of it. Presuming you are writing a nonfiction or informative piece of literature, it’s safe to follow the traditional introduction, body, and conclusion sections in that order. If you write more articles while having a writing block on the full piece, it may complement your book’s overall perceived value and allow your creative style to flow once more.

Once each article has been written, fit it into the structure of the e-book; make it as long as you’d like it to be. Keep in mind that informational works should not exceed a certain character amount, or else you risk losing your reader’s attention. E-books are typically shorter than their printed counterparts, and no one wants to sift through material that is not related to your plot or point.
Most e-books contain optional reading material or otherwise “bonus” information, so be sure to add some of your sources or suggested material for more inquisitive minds. Some authors decide to give the reader the articles or information that they had elected to leave out of the final work. This can be worthwhile to some of your audience, so supply as much as you feel necessary.